Shengtian Zhou

Shengtian Zhou

Jeg er nå førstamanuensis ved Høgskolen i Telemark.
E-post: shengtian.zhou at
Tlf: +47 3502 6327
Rom: N131 Notodden
Arbeidsområder: Matematikk, Institutt for lærerutdanningsfag
Forskningsområder: Algebraic Geometry; moderne tverrkulturelle trender i matematikkundervisning
Undervisning: MAT 101, MAT 102, MAT103, MAT 104, MAT 501, MAT 502

I am currently an associate professor in
Telemark University College.
Email: shengtian.zhou at
Tel: +47 3502 6327
Office: N131 Notodden
Area: Mathematics, Institute for teachers' education
Research: Algebraic Geometry; modern cross-cultural trends in mathematics education
Teaching: MAT 101, MAT 102, MAT103, MAT 104, MAT 501, MAT 502


May 2007-- April 2011: Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick, Coventry, UK; My thesis tiltle is Orbifold Riemann-Roch and Hilbert Series
Sep. 2005-- May 2007: Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China;
Sep. 2001--July 2005: Mathematics Department, Shangdong Normal University, Jinan, China;

A detailed version of my CV .


Pencils of small degree on curves on unnodal Enriques surfaces , with Nils Henry Rasmussen, to appear in Advances in Geometry.
Explicit Orbifold Riemann-Roch for quasismooth varieties, submitted
Ice cream and Orbifold Riemann-Roch , with Anita Buckley and Miles Reid, Izvestiya: Mathematics 14 77.3 (2013): 461
Orbifold Riemann--Roch and Hilbert series, University of Warwick PhD thesis, March 2011, 91+vii pp.


Magma computer algebra code for the paper: Explicit Orbifold Riemann-Roch for quasismooth varieties